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Bordeaux 5 Piece Satin Bondage Set - Black Bordeaux 5 Piece Satin Bondage Set - Black 2
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Bordeaux 5 Piece Satin Bondage Set - Black

...I am going to reward you for being a good girl...Sir said with a smile in his eyes. I am sitting in his chair in the sexy lingerie he has instructed me to wear....Put your hands to the sides of the chair and spread your legs for me...he said as he walks behind me. There is something in his hands. They are long thin strips of midnight black satin. He...
Linger Graduated Silicone Anal Beads Linger Graduated Silicone Anal Beads 2
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Dildo Anal

Linger Graduated Silicone Anal Beads

Let your pleasure linger with this extra long set of silky anal beads. The velvet soft, graduated design slips in effortlessly, and is nearly a foot long for added stimulation. The premium silicone is smooth durable, and cleans easily. The easy retrieval cord is topped by a handy loop for quick removal.
Marquis Velvety Ben Wa Balls - Black Marquis Velvety Ben Wa Balls - Black 2

Marquis Velvety Ben Wa Balls - Black

She sat blindfolded, anxiously waiting for the next instruction to come. Biting her lip in anticipation, she hears...Hold out your hand...She did as she was told. Her sight hindered behind the blindfold, she had to rely on her other senses. Placed in her hand were two weighted balls that felt a little larger than marbles, velvety smooth and cool to the...
Onyx Leather Blindfold Onyx Leather Blindfold 2

Onyx Leather Blindfold

I walk into the room, it is dimly lit. Sir is nowhere to be seen, but I can feel him watching me silently...Turn around, put your hands to your sides, and close your eyes...he says. I do what I am told as he places a soft leather blindfold over my eyes. Everything goes dark, leaving me supremely vulnerable to him. I reach to touch the blindfold. It is...
Trilogy Orgasm Balls Trilogy Orgasm Balls 2
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Trilogy Orgasm Balls

Her instructions said to buy the Trilogy Orgasm Balls down the street, and meet him at the restaurant at seven. She always wants to please him, and does as Sir tells her. Her next instruction came through text...Before you come to the table, go into the bathroom and insert the balls inside you...Nervous yet compliant, she stands inside the stall and...
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