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Queeny Love Giant Lover Queeny Love Giant Lover 2

Queeny Love Giant Lover

King Dong Jelly Vibe ...just as the name implies! This is a must-have bed accessory if you like it bigger and better. With his 38 cm in length and a diameter of approx. 6-7 cm, this bad boy fills you out completely and completes his grandeur with a realistic glans and delicately pronounced veins. Easy-glide jelly material allows smooth penetration.
Big Jelly vibrator Big Jelly vibrator 2

Big Jelly vibrator

This veining, very flexible modell glides easiliy in and stimulates uncountable lust-points. Stepless regulable.
Pink Popsicle Pink Popsicle 2

Pink Popsicle

Jelly vibrator. Very flexible. Length: 25 cm, Ø 3.5 cm. Continuously adjustable.
Real Deal Giant Real Deal Giant 2

Real Deal Giant

Gigantic, smooth, natural veined vibrator with distinct glans, made of soft material. 12.6 inch long!!! Ø 1.8 inch.
Real Deal BIG Real Deal BIG 2

Real Deal BIG

Natural look vibrator with prominent veins made of easy-glide material. Flexible and with multi-speed vibrations. Size: 24 cm, Ø 3.5-4 cm. Please order batteries separately: 2 x AA.
King Kong Giant Vibrator King Kong Giant Vibrator 2

King Kong Giant Vibrator

Seven Creations
Experience it for yourself: bigger is better! This skin-colored vibrator is longer, thicker, and more powerful than a live penis and fills you completely. The large format (34 x 7cm) of King Kong vibrator make you feel the vibrations much more intense than with a smaller dildo. The vibrations are set with a rotary knob. Batteries required: 2 x AA....
Handvibrator Handvibrator 2


Black hand-vibrator with groovy structures at the wrist. Vibration continuously adjustable. Total length approx. 25 cm, insertable depth 21 cm. ø 3.5 to 5.2 cm. Material: TPR, free of phthalates according to EU Regulation REACH (Please order batteries separately: 2 x Mignon/AA)
Classic Silicone Vibe purple

Classic Silicone Vibe purple

Vibrator with pronounced veining, strong glans and 7 vibration levels, adjustable on the push of a button. Flexible. Purple. Total length 25 cm, insertable depth 22 cm. ø 3.5 - 4.5 cm. Material: silicone, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH. (Please order batteries separately: 2 x Mignon/AA).
Vibrator XXL Vibrator XXL 2

Vibrator XXL

This vibrator is longer and thicker than a real one. Throbbing veins and a slippery cover make him a special treat. With multi speed vibrations. Size: 31 cm, Ø 6 cm. Please order batteries separately: 2 x AA.
Enormass Vibrator With Handle Enormass Vibrator With Handle 2

Enormass Vibrator With Handle

Master Series
Big, bigger, biggest, Enormass! This XL vibrator is 36 cm and will reach all your sensitive spots with ease when it penetrates your body. Enormass is a powerful vibrator with a realistic design. The veined shaft is provided with a large glans at the top. Apply some quality lubricant to the vibrator and feel how far you can go. Then turn on the vibrations...
King Cock Realistic XL Vibrator - 30 cm King Cock Realistic XL Vibrator - 30 cm 2
Out of stock

King Cock Realistic XL Vibrator - 30 cm

King Cock
Are you looking for a realistic vibrator? Then this toy is the perfect choice for you! This vibrator from the King Cock collection is very long and has a thick, veined shaft with a round glans. The vibrator is made of firm, but flexible material for a lifelike experience and maximum stimulation. The multispeed vibrations are easy to adjust. Use the...
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